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Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Harried Potter Reading

Well I finished the book. I picked it up yesterday at 8am, and finished it at 10pm.

I have to say that I loved it, and I did not cry. I thought I might. That's all I'm going to say about the book...I am not a spoiler!!

I wish I were at the Dome watching the Twins at "Stitch n Pitch" but I didn't pick up my tickets...I must have thought they would magically appear or something. Oh well. 3 Kittens and The Yarn Garage booked a bus and a big group all went together. I hope we are winning, and I am sure that all the knitters are having a blast!

My camera is on the fritz...children have a way of using something and somehow as if by magic, things go wrong with it. Of course, by no fault of the child, right?

I started spinning again!! I sent the fleece that I had sitting around for several years off to be washed, carded, and made into roving, and it came back beautiful!! I plied the yarn that I had been spinning over two years ago, and now I have four clean bobbins to start with the Isabelle wool. Isabelle is the little black lamb/sheep that the fleece came off of, it was her first shearing! I am a Beginner spinner with a capital "B"...not sure what I am doing is going to get me the results in a finished yarn or not...I am just winging it, and enjoying the process. I would like to make a cabled sweater for myself out of it if all goes well.


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