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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Where have I been!?!

Ahh! The Holidays...they sure have gotten in the way of posting for me, what with knitting presents and planning parties, going to parties, and being overwhelmed.

Why is it that there is such a letdown after Christmas?? Oh, I'm sure not everyone feels this, but it is prevelent here in my household. *sigh*

As for knitting...I am working on the finishing touches of Zoe's is looking great, and surprisingly enough, it fits her! She had wanted it big, but it just fits...

I made several mobius baskets, and all turned out cute. The strange thing is the difference in finished size. I started all with the same number of stitches and followed the pattern as written, and they are all so different! That is what happens when you use different yarns.

Starting the first Saturday in January, I begin teaching my Kaleidoscope Tote at Three Kittens Needle Arts! I'm working on a sample/mini's going to be soooo cute! I'm also going to make up and design a clutch to match the tote, using up leftover scraps from the tote. I'm thinking one with an I-cord edge and loop, and a zipper.

I also am continuing leading the "Knitting at TK's" on tuesday evenings. I have met some neat people so far, and I so enjoy doing this.

Somewhere in my future, I will be working on making and designing a giant knitted pencil. I'm not sure if it is going to be a long body pillow, or just a giant pencil. You see, my son loves Dixon Ticonderoga pencils...(they really are the best pencils)...and I had wanted to make one for him for Christmas, but time got in my way. I have all the yarn for it. So, we'll see what happens when I start on that.

That is my update for now...simple, to the point, no pictures to distract...keep on knittin'!