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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A good day

I had a great start to my day on Thursday. On my way into work, I decided to stop for a coffee at Urban Bean Coffee House on 33rd and Bryant in South Minneapolis.

I had never been there, and I'm not sure what made me decide to stop, but when I walked in the door, two guys were in there and they stopped me and admired my Kaliedoscope MINI ME bag. They just went on and on, oogleing over it. They asked if I sell my patterns, and I told them where they could get them...(at 3 Kittens.) The gal behind the counter loved it as well as said that it reminded her of SARK. She also noticed my handknit head and neck scarves.

This brief encounter really made my day. I LOVE talking about my knitting and I REALLY LOVE having my designs noticed when Im' out and about. Oh yeah, the Vanilla Latte was wonderful!!

p.s. the drawing was just a quick scribble/doodle done by my daughter a few years ago

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Non-knitting themed post...

Life as a Tree

If A tree grew straight,
it would be a stick.

To grow, there must be twists
knots, and blooms.

A tree does not look back and say,
"Oh, if only I had not turned that way..."

For it knows that it must turn

to reach the sun,

To become the tree
it is meant to be.

Not a duplicate of the trees

that came before.

Rejoice every twist, turn,
knot, and bloom,

For it makes the tree stronger,
resilient, and more beautiful.

The actual act of growing thus LIVING,
Creates a maze of
interesting unique beauty.

-You are a-maze-ing!!

Sheryl Lange 2005

Monday, February 19, 2007


I have successfully put links onto my blog...everyone cheer now! Three cheers goes out to Tiffany who helped me out and gave a sweet rainbow moebius basket a new home...yay!


The knit and crochet out that took place at the Mall of America this past weekend was another successful showing of my Kaleidoscope Tote AND my Sock Monkey Hat!! They were displayed at the TNNA booth. I am told people wanted to purchase the hat right there and then...but Cis couldn't and wouldn't sell it. Hopefully that brings them into the 3K shop!

psst...I have put together a baby size version of the sock monkey is soooooo cute!

Tomorrow, my scraptabulous class starts...I need to do some prep work before tomorrow, so...

In case you were hungry...lake a look at this fabulous plate...from Cecil's Deli and Restaurant in St. Paul Minnesota. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Now that's a sandwich!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

And now...

....Introducing....Kaleidoscope MINI ME!!

Ain't she cute? I have the pattern all ready, and she will be such a great mate to the tote. Also, a smaller project may be just what someone needs rather than the full size version. She is about 9x9x1.5 inches.

I have been teaching a lot at 3 Kittens and just finished up with the first Kaleidoscope Tote class...

and my latest class was on the Felted Moebius Baskets out of Cat Bordhi's book A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.

These are so much fun to knit, and they go so fast.
My favorite so far is the Rainbow basket.

This one is destined to go to Tiff when she comes over to help me out with this crazy computer and blog.

I hadn't posted pics of my daughter's sweater when I finished it, so here-ya-go!

Up coming classes that I'll be teaching at 3KNA...
Sock Monkey Hat

Scraptabulous Bag

Stained Glass Bag
Mitered Head Scarf (on my head, the Mondrian Scarf is shown on my neck)

I'll also be teaching the Kaleisoscope Tote and the Moebius Baskets again in march! There are these sooo cute felted chicks to put into easter baskets or just for springtime decoration. I'm making up one now, and will be teaching a class on them...we are announcing that class as:

I really have found that I LOVE to teach knitting. It is my deepest wish that I can design and teach knitting as my one and only job. As far off as that sounds, not too many years ago, I was told that I would be teaching, and I thought that was a bunch of hooey. Now look at me! I am always telling my students that they can do anything, in regards to knitting, but it really is true with anything in life. You just have to decide what it is that you want, and stay focused on that desire, and it will come true, it will happen. All the doubting voices and nay-sayers need to be shut out and turned down so your desire is the only "voice" you hear. If you could only hear the one voice that is calling you, you would always find your way. Staying focused is the key.

Whew!! I need to remind myself of that more often than I do.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is spring on the way?

Ahhh! Life seems so much better now. The computer is no longer taunting me, and I am having a great time teaching at Three Kitten's. My patterns will be avialable throught their website and are now available at their store, and YES I finally got the PDF program to load and work!!

In my dreams, i look like her!

QUESTION: How do you approach someone you want to be friends with, someone whom you think is totally cool, brave, talented, successful, and whom you think you could have a lot of fun with, and not come off as a stalker or an obsessed crazy person??

I "discovered" that an author and screenplay writer lives in my burb and I have been reading her blog, and I just so want to meet her. Arrgghhh! I am not a crazy stalker, but every time I talk about wanting to meet her, I come off that way! I loved her book, enjoy her blog, love the "naughty" aspects of her past...see? I do sound obsessed, don't I. Okay! Time to change the subject.

Here are some photos...