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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Three Hour Tour...

The weather is not supposed to get rough tomorrow, June 30th...I am going on 3 Kittens Needle Arts' Carabella Cruise on the Mighty Mississippi Tomorrow. There will be lots of knitting, a fabulous fashion show, designers, food, drinks, massages, tattoos (temp/henna ones) and an all around splendid time will ge had by all.

I will ...let me say it again... I WILL be knitting on the scarf for Tiffany and the shop's Harry Potter trunk show. I will not...WILL NOT bring anything else with to knit hopefully I will...I WILL get a lot done on it!!

Loveable and fabulous Zoe is going to come with me, she has never been on a riverboat cruise.

Perhaps I will see some of you there.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Baby Steps

I guess I have to start blogging again in small batches, much like my knitting. I have started knitting up store sample swatches. It is the best thing for me now. Something simple and quick, and I get to use all sorts of different yarn. I am truly hoping that working with yarns I normally wouldn't choose will inspire some new creations.

I also am knitting on a Harry Potter 3rd & 4th year scarf for the "trunk show" that 3 Kittens is having in July...It is very boring to knit, but I am so excited about the new movie and the final book, and I can NOT let Tiffany down.

I made yet another Moebius basket. It is red, white, and blue. The handle and rim is blue with little white star buttons sewn on and the rest is red and white stripes...very "patriotic." I don't have a photo of it, but it is on display at 3 Kittens.

Something unbelievable happened today, but first a little back story. My son was hanging out with friends on the last day of school and they went out on Lake Calhoun in a canoe, it capsized and his new glasses are now at the bottom of that lake. Today, he is biking home from a friends house, and less than a mile from home, a car cuts him off, he makes a sharp turn to avoid being hit, runs into a big planter, flies off his bike, and his make-shift cheap but only pair of glasses flies off of him and...get this...INTO THE GUTTER!! Not to be reached nor retrieved!! It is so unreal...I almost think he threw them away since he disliked them so much, but like I said, they were his only pair of glasses now. GOOD GRIEF!! Kooky loveable klutsy kid!